How about the management system of Trirock?

We strictly follow the ISO9001 to perform the management of producing to ensure the best quality.

How about ODM procedure?

The customers provide the drawings or the design thought. We could provide the tentative design files to customers within 7-10 days. After design is finished, the products will be manufactured out in 30-60 days based off the order quantity.

What will be done if the consignee fails in receiving the goods?

It’s depends on delivery term. For example, as for CNF term, If it is confirmed that the goods are lost during transportation, we will send the new ones to our customers as soon as possible. However, if it’s blocked at destination Customs, it’s appreciated that consignee can help to solve the problem. 

How about the delivery and transportation of Trirock? (Transportation)

1、Stock ready : After the fund is acknowleged receipt, we will ship out the goods in 2 days.           Customized products: After the deposit is paid, we could ship out the goods in a month. The details will depend on the stating for the technique level and batches in the agreement. 2、Logistics and transportation: If the weight exceeds 10kgs, we will ship through DHL or UPS. The transit time will take about 5-10 days. (This transit time does not suit for the exceptions such as customs inspection).If the parcel weight does not exceed 2.0kgs and there is no expedited fee paid, we will ship through CHINA POST ECONOMIC. The transit time will take about 7-30 days. (There exist the difference of the customs clearance efficiency and losing cases in different countries),

How about the customer service of Trirock?

We usually do response to the questions from customers in 24 hours. To those technique and quality issues, we will give out the solution in a week.

How about the after-sales of Trirock?

To the common metal products, we offer the 30 days for refunding or exchange of non-performing goods. To the deal online, it could be extend to 60 days after negotiating.

What is the advantage of the Trirock’s outdoor products?

We Trirock have our own factory. All the procedures from developing, designing, manufacturing and inspecting could be monitored completely include hunting products. The requirement from customers are always treated carefully and the required new products could be finished designing rapidly. We are always engaged into the constant improving the quality to meet the various needs from our customers, and try to do in compliance of their rules.

What products does Trirock supply? How about the product chains?

Trirock mainly supplies the Handguard, Bipod, Sling swivel, Optics product, Scope mount, Bipod mount and other tactical products. Almost all the products are manufactured by ourselves. And also a little parts comes out with the cooperation from both our partners and us. Therefore, we have the high quality and the diversified product lines, that will help our customers to integrate purchasing.